Tea Break with Persons with Learning Disabilities from United Voice

As part of MST Golf’s Community Giveback and Uplifting initiative, we collaborated with United Voice, Malaysia’s first self-advocacy society run by Persons with Learning Disabilities, for a tea break session at our Subang Jaya head office.

We invited United Voice to set up their “I’m Possible” coffee cart, run by Persons with Learning Disabilities trained as bakers and baristas and gave our team members the opportunity to interact with Persons with Learning Disabilities while also enjoying their freshly made coffee, tea, and pastries. United Voice also showcased arts and crafts made by Persons with Learning Disabilities, and we welcomed our team to support their work.

The objective of the tea break was to show support towards the work of Persons with Learning Disabilities, promote the spirit of diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, and allow the team at MST Golf to reflect on our societal roles.

Between 3 – 5 PM, members from United Voice, led by their coaches and coordinators, worked diligently to serve over 100 cups of coffee and tea and 400 pieces of pastries for Team MST Golf. Seeing the hard work of United Voice helped us understand that Persons with Learning Disabilities may be different, but not less, and they deserve opportunities to work, strive, and live dignified lives.

In our efforts to practice sustainability, this event was also zero-waste as members of the staff were encouraged to use their very own coffee cups and containers when ordering coffee and pastries. Empty milk cartons and boxes were collected and recycled at our CARE GREEN recycling bins. Coffee grounds were gifted to staff who were interested in using them to make compost for plants or as an air freshener to be place in their cars.

On top of excelling as a leading golf retailer and service provider, MST Golf is on a mission to become a sustainable company that balances people, business, and the environment. Our Sustainability pillars focus on “Better People, Better Business, Better Environment,” and we are glad to have kickstarted our 2023 sustainability campaign with this collaboration with United Voice. We plan to collaborate with more NGOs this year and make sustainability our highlight of 2023. A special thanks to members, staff, and coordinators at United Voice for your professionalism and a special tea break session.

About United Voice:
United Voice, set up in 2005, is Malaysia’s first self-advocacy society run by Persons with Learning Disabilities to reduce the isolation of people with learning disabilities such as Down syndrome, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and cerebral palsy. United Voice conducts awareness programs, workshops, and conferences to advocate and ensure that people with learning disabilities are given the right to education, employment, community living and to be respected as individuals. United Voice currently runs a cafe named I’m Possible in Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya, where they train their members to be bakers and baristas.

Here’s how you can find United Voice:
Website: https://www.unitedvoice.com.my
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unitedvoicemalaysia/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unitedvoice_malaysia/