Supply Chain Management

Commitment to building a conscious and responsible supply network by efficiently managing operations, potential waste and environmental impacts.
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Why It Matters to Us

As a retailer and wholesaler of golf products and services, our supply chain is crucial to efficiently serving our stakeholders. Poor supply chain management can lead to wastage, inadequate fulfilment and adverse social and environmental impacts. Sustainable supply chain practices enable us to enhance business continuity, reputation, ESG performance and access to new products and markets. It also benefits our employees through clearer guidelines and streamlined processes, as well as our customers through more extensive product choices. Recognising the economic value and environmental impact of our supply chain, we aim to build relationships with responsible partners and create a more conscious network.

Key Strategies


Smart Procurement & Inventory Management - Implement better procurement and inventory practices to reduce waste, increase economic benefits and widen product options.


Resilient Logistics - Improve warehouse work environment and logistics efficiency through lean management and continuous improvement to enhance stakeholder satisfaction.


Greenify Supply Chain - Champion sustainability with suppliers, practise responsible sourcing and support local vendors whenever feasible to reduce supply chain emissions.

Initiative Highlights

Established the Stock Provision Policy to optimise inventory levels and reduce aged stocks
Established the Code of Conduct & Ethics for Employees that prohibits thefts, fraud and pilferage
Utilised technology to reduce manual data entry and conduct internal audits for warehouse processes
Developed the Code of Conduct and Ethics for Third Parties (COCETP), outlining our ethical and governance expectations for third-party suppliers
Prioritise appointing local suppliers and vendors for trade and non-trade goods and services within our operational regions to support responsible sourcing and reduces the environmental impact of our supply chain

2023 Sustainability Statement: Better Business

In The Pipeline

In The Pipeline

Measurable short, medium, and long-term targets for supply chain management

Risk and opportunity report on the impacts of our supply chain on climate change

Lean management in the warehouse

Improve ERP system for more efficient data collection and operation mapping


UN Sustainable Development Goals​