Responsible Retail Practice

Responsible retail practice involves our ethical and sustainable approaches in the Group’s retail-base businesses like retail stores, indoor golf arenas, Golf Lab, tech shops, and Academy. These include approaches for marketing, visual merchandising, goods and services offered and their impacts, staff integrity, highlighting and promoting sustainability in stores, and managing the Group’s environmental resources and waste.
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Why It Matters to Us

Retail represents the backbone of our business. But we understand operating retail stores incur financial, carbon, and climate costs. We are responsible for transforming our customer-facing locations into sustainability hubs, where we improve product and service value and also create sustainability awareness for our customers. Operation-wise, we aim to reduce waste and transition to more energy and water-efficient practices to reduce the negative impacts on the environment. We also want to make our retail stores a conducive and meaningful working space for our team to be healthier, happier, and more fulfilled.

Key Strategies


Products & Service Beyond Expectations - Continue to revolutionize the concept and experience of a golf retail store and become world-class in what we do.


Sustainable Retail Operations - Greenify and innovate our retail operations to become less wasteful, more efficient, and a leader in sustainable retailing.


Sustainability Awareness Hub - Embed sustainability principles and knowledge within our retail stores and encourage sustainable practices among internal and external stakeholders.

Initiative Highlights

Introduced MST Golf reusable shopping bag -  Bag4Life
Phased-out plastic bags and switched to paper bags
Highlight products made from sustainable materials
Utilise MST Golf App for ilovegolf membership sign-up and phased out physical member card and membership sign-up form.
Introduced Kloth Cares fabric recycling bins at two Klang Valley outlets to encourage customers and staff to donate and recycle used golf apparel and accessories

In The Pipeline

Implement waste measuring, waste sorting, and waste reduction at outlets

Share brands’ and MST Golf sustainability highlights in stores

More sustainability training for retail staff

Transition to more reusable visual merchandising and less paper use

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UN Sustainable Development Goals​