Responsible Retail Practice

Commitment to transforming our retail stores into sustainability hubs, creating value by promoting sustainable practices, ensuring a safe and conducive working environment for our workforce and fostering long-term value for stakeholders.
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Why It Matters to Us

Retail represents the backbone of our business and we are cognisant that our retail stores incur most of our financial costs and carbon footprints. Our retail stores are also the touchpoint between our business and external stakeholders, especially our customers. Therefore, it is crucial that we transform our customer-facing locations into sustainability hubs that operate in a safe and secure manner and can create value for customers to be more sustainable whenever they shop, play and learn with us. Our retail stores are also home to most of Team MST Golf. Therefore, we endeavour to create a conducive working environment to foster their wellbeing and productivity. We believe that by committing to responsible retail practices, we can promote more sustainable operations and services, reduce our carbon footprint and create more longterm value for our stakeholders.

Key Strategies


Meaningful Workplace - To foster a safe, enriching and meaningful work environment for our retail staff through a healthy workplace, continuous training and fair career advancement opportunities.


Products & Service Beyond Expectations - To elevate our customer experience by enhancing product availability and range, improving the overall in-store experience and connecting customers with various golfing opportunities.


Sustainable Retail Operations - To integrate sustainability into our retail operations by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, implementing comprehensive waste reduction measures and sharing our Group’s sustainability initiatives with stakeholders.

Initiative Highlights

Established the Stock Provision Policy to optimise inventory levels and reduce aged stocks
Enforced stringent procedures to prevent hazards. This includes standard operating procedures
Established the Code of Conduct & Ethics for Employees that prohibits thefts, fraud and pilferage
Utilised technology to reduce manual data entry and conduct internal audits for warehouse processes
Developed the Code of Conduct and Ethics for Third Parties (COCETP), outlining our ethical and governance expectations for third-party suppliers
63.52% of supplier spending was local with businesses in the countries where we operate in 2023
Prioritise appointing local suppliers and vendors for trade and non-trade goods and services within our operational regions to support responsible sourcing and reduces the environmental impact of our supply chain.

2023 Sustainability Statement: Better Business

In The Pipeline

Implement waste measuring, waste sorting, and waste reduction at outlets

Share brands’ and MST Golf sustainability highlights in stores

More sustainability training for retail staff

Transition to more reusable visual merchandising and less paper use

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UN Sustainable Development Goals​