Proper Waste Management

Commitment to implementing strategies, policies and actions to effectively prevent, reduce, sort, treat and dispose of waste generated across our operations.

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Why It Matters to Us

We understand waste significantly contributes to carbon emissions, particularly methane, and every piece generated leaves negative downstream impacts on the environment, climate and local communities. As our business capitalises on consumption trends to increase revenue, we need to be accountable for the waste across our operations, spanning retail stores, indoor golf facilities, club-fitting services, golf events, warehouses, logistics and office activities. Our waste generated primarily includes packaging, paper, plastic, metal, glass, electronic and organic food waste. We also generate substantial construction waste during new store openings and renovations, further contributing to landfills. As we expand our operations, we envision a significant waste increase if we do not manage it proactively. Therefore, we strive to adopt a circular waste management approach and embed the 7R practices (Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Refill, Recycle and Rot) into our operations. Beyond that, we take responsibility for promoting circular practices among stakeholders to foster sustainable waste habits and culture throughout our organisation.

Key Strategies


Circular Waste Management - to practising circular waste management by collaborating with suppliers and waste service providers to manage all forms of waste at our operations and reach our waste reduction goals.


Measure, Assure & Report - Commit to accurately and transparently measuring and reporting waste data to enhance accountability in our waste management efforts.


Education, Engagement & Collaboration - To expand circular waste awareness and practices to more stakeholders through training, education and outreach to create a culture around circular waste management.

Initiative Highlights

Provided company-wide training on proper waste management to educate employees on waste issues and circular waste management approaches rooted in the 7Rs
Held a month-long company-wide Proper Waste Management campaign focusing on the 7Rs, sharing tips and knowledge with employees
Collaborated with environmental NGOs to provide experiential learning for our employees to learn various waste management techniques through multiple programmes.
At our Head Office, we segregate waste into plastic, paper, metal and e-waste for recycling, aiming to reduce landfill waste
We have started introducing new circular waste management practices in 2023 by embedding the 7Rs across our operations
Replacing bottled water in meeting rooms with reusable cups
Stopped providing plastic bags at individual work desks and implemented waste segregation at centralised pantry bins, saving approximately 21,000 plastic bags from desk bins in 2023
Stopped using single-use staff meal containers, replacing them with reusable since July 2023
Phased out single-use paper placemats, potentially saving RM4,000 yearly
Gifted all employees an MST Golf reusable container and bag during the 2023 annual dinner and to new employees during orientations
Invited Refiller Mobile, a household product refilling service, to our Head Office
Donated 136 old wooden pallets to second-hand wood pallet resellers for repurposing
Collected a total of 3,358.2 kgs of used cooking oil across three MST Golf Arena outlets for recycling and sold it to used cooking oil recyclers for repurposing

2023 Sustainability Statement: Better Environment

In The Pipeline

Establish year 1 (financial year 2023) waste measurement baseline

Set short-, mid-, and long-term waste reduction targets and plans

Implement general waste measurement in all retail outlets

Conduct proper waste management training for all employees

Conduct reduce single-use campaigns

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UN Sustainable Development Goals​