Promoting Golf As A Sport

Promoting golf as a sport involves the Group’s effort to create awareness, generate interest, and provide access to resources and opportunities to encourage participation in golf for individuals of all ages and skill levels.
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Why It Matters to Us

Golf carries many benefits as a physical, mental, and social sport, including improved coordination, concentration, patience, strategic thinking, decision-making, and social connectedness. It’s also a sport that one can play from young until old, making it potentially a life-long game. However, golf’s traditional perception as an elitist sport and high price point can dissuade many from participating. Many communities, notably less privileged ones, may not have the same opportunities to enjoy the sport due to its inherent cultural and financial barriers. Recognizing golf’s high entry barrier, we want to leverage our resources as the region’s leading golf retailer and service provider to make golf accessible and change the narrative surrounding the sport so more people can experience it for themselves and reap its physical, mental, and social benefits.

Key Strategies


Lower Golf Barrier - Provide various playing, learning, and shopping opportunities to make golfing easier for beginners


Social Encouragement - Leverage social trust and recommendation to have existing golfers bring their friends and family to golf and revamp the narrative surrounding golf. 


Diversity Golfers - Organize golfing opportunities and initiatives to include more diverse communities in golf, including students, corporates, and underprivileged communities. 

Initiative Highlights

Opened MST Golf Arena outlets to promote indoor golf and allow more people to start golf. 
Hosted community golfing events like golf tournaments and free golf clinic for beginners
Employee Learn To Golf program for staff
Run golf media and golf social media platforms.
Opened golf learning platforms like MST Golf Academy and The Golf Lab to teach golf
Ongoing ilovegolf loyalty member rewards and golfing privileges

In The Pipeline

Provide golf training for Special Olympics Malaysia athletes 

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