Promoting Golf As A Sport

Commitment to promoting golf inclusively and providing accessible opportunities for more to engage, regardless of background or skill level.
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Why It Matters to Us

As a leading golf retailer and service provider, we recognise golf as a healthy social sport that one can play from young until old, making it potentially a lifelong game. However, we also acknowledge that golf is often impeded by the prevailing notion of it being an expensive and exclusive activity with limited playing opportunities and educational initiatives. We want to promote golf not just to increase its public outreach and growth, but also to reduce potential barriers and misperceptions about the sport. We strive to utilise our resources and leverage strategic partnerships to increase accessibility to golf, making it more inclusive for diverse communities. Our goal is to contribute to a wider initiative of making golf more accessible, sustainable and community-oriented.

Key Strategies


Lower Golf Barrier - To increase playing and learning opportunities and introduce initiatives for diverse communities to increase golf’s accessibility and inclusivity.


Amateur Golf Development - To develop more golf events for beginner golfers to strengthen the amateur golf scene.


Promote Golf Culture - To instill golfing culture among local regions we operate in through impactful golf campaigns, cross-industry collaborations and engaging social media content catering to both golfers and non-golfers.

Initiative Highlights

Successfully partnered with Special Olympics Malaysia to train special athletes in golf
Partnered with NGOs like Dignity For Children and Good Samaritan Home to host golf experiential learning programmes, where we introduced golf to 59 underserved youths in 2023
Our five MST Golf Arena indoor golf playing facilities also provide beginner-friendly golf simulation games that allow for inclusive play for golfers of various ages and skill levels
Bay hosts at MST Golf Arena provide free golf tips and guides to help new golfers get started with their golfing journey
Sharedtips and knowledge about the sport through social media platforms
Implemented the Employee Learn to Golf programme for 40 head office employees to nurture their passion for golf
Partnered with ten professional golf trainers at the MST Golf Academy and seven professional golf trainers at The Golf Lab in 2023
Hosted seven community golfing events like ilovegolf golf tournaments, which involved 470 amateur golfer participants
Hosted annual GOLFEST allowing golfers to experience the latest equipment from top brands

2023 Sustainability Statement: Better People

In The Pipeline

Provide golf training for Special Olympics Malaysia athletes 

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UN Sustainable Development Goals​