Labor Standards and Human Right

Commitment to upholding labour standards and human rights to ensure fair treatment and protection for all employees.
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Why It Matters to Us

We uphold labour standards and human rights as integral ethical principles and legal frameworks within our Group. We acknowledge that failure to uphold labour standards could lead to human rights violations, affect staff turnover, create unsafe working conditions and decrease employee satisfaction. We strive to maintain high labour standards that are crucial for sustaining positive relationships in our organisation. Our dedication aligns with core values of integrity, responsibility and sustainability, ensuring an ethical working environment for our stakeholders.

Key Strategies


Labour Protection & Policy Governance - Adhere to labour laws and human rights standards and strive to conduct leadership training and regular assurance checks to prevent violations and uphold worker dignity and equality.


Fair Treatment & Remuneration - To sustain excellent working conditions, ensure fair remuneration and collaborate with regulatory bodies to enhance the overall welfare of workers.


Labour Empowerment - To empower workers through education on labour rights, provide a secure platform for voicing concerns and offer career growth opportunities for all employees.

Initiative Highlights

Established comprehensive policies to underscore our commitment to upholding labour standards and governing the ethics of our stakeholders
Maintained compliance with local labour laws by implementing fair wages and remunerations, prioritising equitable compensation for all employees
Introduced a Board Remuneration Committee and remuneration policies for directors and senior management
Zero substantiated complaints concerning human rights violations in 2023

2023 Sustainability Statement: Better People

In The Pipeline

Set short-, mid-, and long-term labour standards and human rights targets and plans

Enterprise risk management on labour and human rights risks and violations


UN Sustainable Development Goals​