Group Culture and Internal Operations

Group culture and internal operations refer to the shared values, beliefs, and processes that shape the working environment and operations toward performance, productivity, and well-being. This includes improving communication channels, upgrading internal processes and systems, conveying the company mission, vision, and values, promoting a sustainability culture, and enhancing employee leadership skills.
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Why It Matters to Us

We established this sustainability matter to create a foundation to help us cycle through change faster across all sustainability matters. We understand all changes will be slow and hard without strong leadership, the right culture, and effective systems. Hence, this matter focuses on improving the company’s leadership, corporate culture, and internal operations and systems so we have the right basis to support and accelerate the necessary changes required to achieve our sustainability goals. We aim to develop stronger leaders among our employees, so they can continue to drive better culture and systems for other stakeholders. Essentially, we want to create a virtuous change cycle within our company through good leadership, culture, and systems.

Key Strategies


Value-Driven Leadership - Encourage employees to uphold leadership roles driven by MST Golf’s vision, mission, and values.


Sustainable Culture - Create a culture where sustainability and sustainability matters are integrated into daily operations and decision-making


Continuous System & Process Improvement - Establish clearer, more efficient, and more effective processes, communication, and systems to cycle through change faster

Initiative Highlights

Sustainability and corporate policy training
Leadership training for retail managers
Incorporated sustainability - “Be Sustainable” - in corporate values
Enterprise risk management exercise to improve work and process flows
Implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that digitalise financial and procurement workflows to become paperless
Implement human resource management systems that digitalise workflows such as employee claims, payroll, leave applications, etc., to become paperless.

In The Pipeline

Corporate branding/brand building exercise

Better internal communication and employee engagement via centralized IT systems

Less wasteful practice

More efficient processes 

Making policies visible

Championing corporate vision, mission, and values

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UN Sustainable Development Goals​