Group Culture and Internal Operations

Commitment to enhancing leadership, corporate culture, internal operations and systems to drive progress across ESG practices.
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Why It Matters to Us

We understand that changes take time and can be challenging without strong leadership, the right culture and effective systems. This material matter focuses on improving the company’s leadership, corporate culture and internal operations and systems to provide the right basis for supporting and accelerating the necessary changes required to achieve our business and sustainability goals. By making our business fundamentals more effective and efficient, our employees will have more time, space and attention to make conscious changes and take sustainable actions.

Key Strategies


Value-Driven Leadership - To empower our employees and align them with our Group’s vision, mission and values to achieve more effective and sustainable work outcomes.


Sustainability & Governance - To integrate an ESG-driven approach within daily operations and decision-making across the organisation.


Continuous Improvement - To adopt a spirit of continuous improvement to create more efficient and effective processes and systems and a winning organisational culture.

Initiative Highlights

Kickstarted our Group elevation plans, consisting of realigning key corporate goals and strategies and restructuring our organisational structure
Conducted training and alignment sessions to get team members on the same page with the latest company goals, values and approaches
Conducted leadership training with a third-party trainer for 22 retail outlet persons-in-charge (PICs)
Ramped up our enterprise risk management exercises to improve work and process flows
Hosted a series of company-wide training to instil higher capacity on sustainability and governance topics among our staff
Incorporated the “Be Sustainable“ value into our corporate values and established key corporate governance policies adhering with Bursa listing standards
Established our new Company Intranet to promote more internal engagement and camaraderie among staff

2023 Sustainability Statement: Better Business

In The Pipeline

Corporate branding/brand building exercise

Better internal communication and employee engagement via centralized IT systems

Less wasteful practice

More efficient processes 

Making policies visible

Championing corporate vision, mission, and values

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UN Sustainable Development Goals​