Golf Product Life Cycle Management

Golf product life cycle management involves the Group’s systems and procedures to manage the distribution, sales, and disposal of golf products and their packaging, in such ways as to minimize negative environmental impacts while maximizing economic and social benefits. 
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Why It Matters to Us

As a golf retailer and distributor, we distribute and sell various golf products, from golf equipment and apparel to accessories. Directly or indirectly, we participate in the global fashion carbon footprint. Furthermore, when unused golf products or their packaging are disposed of, they will likely end up in landfills or become pollution in the rivers, oceans, or other biodiverse landscapes, contributing to textile and fashion waste, which is already one of the largest sources of waste. Although we don’t manufacture golf products, we still aim to contribute to managing our products’ life cycle as best we can, especially during the selling, use, and disposal phases, to reduce their likelihood of ending up in landfills or polluting our natural environments. We aim to practice and encourage the 7Rs - rethink, refuse, reduce, reuse, repair, repurpose, and recycle - to help customers prolong their products’ lifecycles whenever possible. 

Key Strategies


Innovate Systems & Environment - Create platforms where customers can recycle, reuse, repair, or repurpose their old golf products.


Take Up Responsibility - Strategize with suppliers to rethink or reduce packaging to prevent wastage or manage packaging waste on behalf of customers.


Educate & Inform - Educate and encourage employees and customers to practice 7Rs better manage their golf products’ lifecycle.

Initiative Highlights

Introduced Kloth Cares fabric recycling bins at two Klang Valley outlets to encourage customers and staff to donate and recycle used golf apparel and accessories
Golf club repair and fitting services by The Golf Lab and MST Golf Tech Shop
Retail offers to take in and recycle unwanted packaging like shoe boxes, glove packaging, golf ball packaging, equipment box, package set box

In The Pipeline

Promote better management of packaging wastes (pre-sales and post-sales) by strategizing with suppliers, reducing single-use materials, reusing packaging materials wherever possible, and sending unreusable packaging to recycling centers.

Manage unsold stocks to prevent them from going to landfills, such as by improving procurement and stock management (to reduce aging stocks), reusing or upcycling, warehouse sales, employee sample sales, and donation drives.

Encourage product stewardship among employees and customers and educate customers on product use and care.

Secure more sustainable golf products that enable circularity or lower environmental impact when disposed of.

Used golf clubs resale or redistribution platforms


UN Sustainable Development Goals​