Employee Diversity

Commitment to embracing workplace diversity and inclusivity to drive innovation, problem-solving and business success.
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Why It Matters to Us

Valuing employee diversity involves prioritising our greatest asset – our people – and empowering them to showcase their unique backgrounds, perspectives and skills. We recognise the importance of investing in diverse ideas and individuals to solve problems, foster breakthroughs and drive innovation to advance our organisation. We believe each employee brings a distinct set of qualities and by actively listening to them and providing opportunities, we can support our team’s development and create a work environment that fosters trust, learning and growth. We also aim to create a workplace that welcomes individuals from all backgrounds, emphasising inclusivity and respect and fostering an environment where our employees feel at home. Ultimately, we welcome all individuals passionate about contributing to our goals to join Team MST Golf.

Key Strategies


Inclusive Workplace - To improve our workplace policies for fairness and inclusivity, enhance facilities to meet diverse employee needs and uphold meritocracy, fairness and respect in all interactions.


Diverse Workforce & Talent - To establish an equitable recruitment approach, foster sustainable employee engagement for high retention and track diverse workforce metrics to ensure inclusivity.


Grow Together - To provide abundant training, upskilling and clear career pathways for all employees to foster continuous learning and advancement.

Initiative Highlights

Established an Equal Opportunity Policy
Provide various employee training, i.e., governance policy, health and safety, leadership, sustainability, and on-job training for specific skills and tasks.
Provide comprehensive benefits to our full-time employees
9,253 total training hours in 2023
Engaged external trainers to deliver on-the-job training tailored to specific skills and tasks
Organised the following learning and development programmes conducted by external trainers aimed at upskilling and capacity building
All our employees are entitled to parental leave
Achieved a 100% return-to-work rate in 2023
Local minimum wage requirements are complied for all employees, regardless of gender and roles in the company
Provide local talents with job opportunities and facilitating their career progressions

2023 Sustainability Statement: Better People

In The Pipeline

Set short-, mid-, and long-term employee training targets and plans 

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UN Sustainable Development Goals​