Efficient Water Use

Efficient water use refers to the Group’s practice of using water resources in a sustainable and efficient manner, by minimizing waste, reducing consumption, and implementing technologies and strategies that optimize water use. 

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Why It Matters to Us

Although MST Golf does not directly consume or rely upon large amounts of water for its operations, we nonetheless want to be conscious of our water use and safeguard our water supplies whenever possible. Our primary water use is at our offices and retail outlets for sanitary and cooking purposes. So we aim to maintain the efficiency of our sanitary systems to prevent wastage and ensure employees practice proper disposal habits to prevent polluting our waterways with harmful substances. We also want to acknowledge that the golf industry uses large amounts of water to maintain golf courses. As part of a player that leverages off golf courses, we intend to champion more efficient water use in the golf industry and help create a golf industry more aware of its water impact.

Key Strategies


Conserve & Maintain - Instill proper water use habits in employees and ensure all sanitary systems are in proper working order.


No Harmful Substances - Ensure proper disposal of harmful substances and prevent them from entering our waterways.


Water Use Advocacy - Champion efficient water use across the golf industry and create a more conscious golfing culture.

Initiative Highlights

Measure and track water usage via monthly water bills across relevant premises.
Encourage employees to conserve water by turning off water taps when not in use, regularly checking for leaks, and fixing them immediately.

In The Pipeline

Establish a water-use policy

Conduct training on proper water use habits 

Establish year 1 (financial year 2023) water use baseline

Set short-, mid-, and long-term water-saving targets and plans 

UN Sustainable Development Goals​