Efficient Water Use

Commitment to using water resources sustainably and efficiently by minimising waste, reducing consumption and implementing technologies and strategies that optimise water use.

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Why It Matters to Us

We recognise that ineffective water management in our operations can impact stakeholders, the environment and our business, especially during water scarcity caused by escalating climate change impacts. Water is primarily used at our offices and retail outlets for cleaning and cooking. Currently, none of our operations are in water-stressed areas, nor do we share resources with local communities. We only utilise municipal water supply sources and do not extract from surface or ground sources. While our operations do not consume large amounts of water, we remain committed to maintaining efficient sanitation systems to prevent wastage and educating employees on water conservation importance and responsible waste disposal to avoid contaminating waterways. We also aim to enhance stakeholder awareness of water-related impacts.

Key Strategies


Efficient Water Use - To cultivate responsible water consumption habits among employees, maintain efficient water systems and properly dispose of harmful substances to prevent waterway contamination.


Water Use Governance - Commit to establishing proper governance in water management by aligning practices with water consumption policies, conducting risk assessments and collecting and reporting data to monitor consumption and disclose management impacts.


Water Resource Protection - To partner with water-related organisations to advocate for conservation and protect natural water resources.

Initiative Highlights

Established our Sustainability Policy and Environmental Policy to guide water management
Encouraged employees to practise water conservation measures to turn off taps when not in use, check for leaks and immediately report any identified issues.
18.5 megaliters of water use in 2023
Resolved 11 minor leak cases across Malaysia in 2023
Measured and tracked total water consumption through monthly water bills across premises with available bills from January to December 2023.

2023 Sustainability Statement: Better Environment

In The Pipeline

Establish a water-use policy

Conduct training on proper water use habits 

Establish year 1 (financial year 2023) water use baseline

Set short-, mid-, and long-term water-saving targets and plans 

UN Sustainable Development Goals​