Efficient Energy Use

Commitment to using energy resources sustainably and efficiently by minimising waste, reducing consumption and implementing technologies and practices that optimise energy use.

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Why It Matters to Us

At MST Golf, we rely on continuous electricity supply to power our office and retail outlet operations, including golfing systems, air conditioning, lighting and electronics. We also consume fuel for company-owned distribution vehicles and cooking activities at MST Golf Arena. As we expand regionally, we acknowledge that our energy consumption and carbon footprint will also increase. Therefore, we aim to adopt a more sustainable approach to energy usage, aligning with the latest environmental regulations and standards to reduce energy-related impacts and operational costs. We are also exploring integrating renewable energy sources into operations to transition towards a greener energy mix.

Key Strategies


Conserve & Save - commit to reducing energy consumption by instilling efficient practices among employees, integrating energy-saving solutions and implementing smart design.


Energy Use Governance - To govern our energy management by establishing policies and standards, performing risk assessments and disclosing energy data and impacts.


Transition to Renewable Energy - To integrate renewable energy within our operations and increase our renewable energy mix in the long term.

Initiative Highlights

Placed notices reminding employees to switch off electrical appliances after use
Switched to more energy-efficient LED lighting in our HQ office and retail outlets
5,801.93 megawatts of energy consumed in 2023
Installed motion sensor lighting in our Head Office restrooms
Implemented a Sustainability Policy and Environmental Policy to govern our energy management

2023 Sustainability Statement: Better Environment

In The Pipeline

Establish an energy-use policy

Conduct training on proper energy use habits

Establish year 1 (financial year 2023) electricity use baseline

Set short-, mid-, and long-term energy-reduction targets and plans 

Consider renewable energy, i.e., installing solar panels on suitable premises

UN Sustainable Development Goals​