Efficient Energy Use

Efficient energy use involves the Group’s practice of using energy resources in a sustainable and efficient manner, by minimizing waste, reducing consumption, and implementing technologies and practices that optimize energy use. 

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Why It Matters to Us

Our business operation relies on consistent electricity generation. Our primary energy use involves powering operations in our offices and retail outlets, such as air conditioning, lights, golfing systems, electronics, and machinery. However, we understand energy generation is not free, and it imposes carbon emissions that we can’t take for granted. We aim to be conscious of our energy use and reduce our energy impact whenever possible. We have yet to implement renewables, but we are actively exploring their feasibility within our operations.

Key Strategies


Conserve & Save - Instil efficient energy-use habits among employees.


Use Efficient Appliances - Switch to more energy-saving electrical appliances and apply energy-saving sensors to reduce wastage. 


Transition to Renewable Energy - Explore the feasibility and plan for implementing renewables within our operations. 

Initiative Highlights

Measure and track electricity usage via monthly electricity bills across relevant premises. 
Encourage employees to conserve electricity by turning off appliances when not in use, using natural lighting when possible, and optimising airconditioners’ temperature settings.
Switched to more energy-efficient LED lighting in our HQ office and retail outlets
Automatic light sensors in HQ office bathrooms 

In The Pipeline

Establish an energy-use policy

Conduct training on proper energy use habits

Establish year 1 (financial year 2023) electricity use baseline

Set short-, mid-, and long-term energy-reduction targets and plans 

Consider renewable energy, i.e., installing solar panels on suitable premises

UN Sustainable Development Goals​