Customer Care

Customer care refers to the Group’s effort to provide timely, responsive, and effective support, assistance, and communication to customers to address their needs, concerns, and feedback, ensure customer safety and wellbeing in the Group’s premises, and enhance overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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Why It Matters to Us

Our customers’ support over the years brought MST Golf to where we are and inspired what we do. Our customers are also golfers and future golfers who sustain the prosperity of the golf industry. Without our customers’ support, we would not find the same meaning and satisfaction to sustain our journey. So we appreciate them and want to create a better MST Golf for them. We want our customers to feel appreciated, cared for, and supported in their golfing journeys whenever they arrive and leave our stores, events, and service platforms. We also want our customers to grow with us long-term as we continue to co-create a better golf industry together.  

Key Strategies


Customer Service - Improve our customer experience and support our customers to the best of our abilities across all of our business channels.


Customer Safety & Protection - Commit to zero customer injuries on our premises and continue to ensure customers’ data and wellbeing are maintained.


Customer Loyalty - Contribute and reward customers for their continuous support.

Initiative Highlights

ilovegolf membership rewards and privileges
Dedicated customer service and loyalty programme team handling inquiries and serving customers’ needs
Clear safety briefings before play at MST Golf Arena

In The Pipeline

Establish an Academy Student Safety Policy 

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UN Sustainable Development Goals​