Customer Care

Commitment to maintaining customer satisfaction through outstanding care, service and communication to nurture long-term loyalty.
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Why It Matters to Us

Our customers are at the heart of our mission, and we prioritise their satisfaction, safety and inclusivity across our organisation. By adopting a customer-centric approach, we aim to build trust and forge stronger connections with our customers based on shared values. With stronger trust and connection with our brand, we aspire to engage our customers beyond transactional interactions and cultivate lasting relationships through golf while positively contributing to communities and the environment together.

Key Strategies


Customer Service Beyond Expectations - To enhance in-store service and experience, optimise customer communication channels for timely support and reward customers for their continuous support.


Customer Care & Safety - Commit to prioritising customer safety, safeguarding customer data and fostering inclusive and fair treatment for our customers across our premises and events


Customer Collaboration - To involve customers in sustainability initiatives and meaningful golf events to create a broader impact on our communities and the environment

Initiative Highlights

Offer diverse services to meet our customers’ needs, including beginner golf clinics, coaching sessions at the MST Golf Arena and golf club repair and fitting services at The Golf Lab and MST Golf Tech Shops
Dedicated customer service and loyalty programme team addresses customer inquiries, meets their demands and gathers customer insights and feedback
Encourage customers to join our ilovegolf membership programme
Customers are briefed on safety procedures at our academy and Golf Arena outlets before starting their activities
Safety notices, posters and videos are displayed to remind customers of safety conduct while golfing on our premises
Established the Junior Protection Policy to safeguard the welfare of junior golf students at our academy
Established policies to further protect customers and govern their wellbeing when engaging in our premises
Organised annual events like GOLFEST, regular product demonstration days and community golfing events such as ilovegolf tournaments
Educate and involve our customers in our sustainability practices

2023 Sustainability Statement: Better People

In The Pipeline

Establish an Academy Student Safety Policy 

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UN Sustainable Development Goals​