Climate Change Resiliency

Commitment to adapting, withstanding and recovering from the impacts of climate change and promoting climate awareness and preparedness among stakeholders.

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Why It Matters to Us

Climate change is an urgent global concern that we cannot ignore. We are already experiencing its impacts, such as frequent heatwaves and flooding, in Malaysia and other countries where we operate. Our business is connected to the wellbeing of the planet, and extreme weather events can impact the sport and affect our business as a golf equipment retailer. Should climate change escalate, the global supply chain of golf products might be disrupted, and golf might also no longer be prioritised, increasing costs and making golf less accessible. Insufficient climate action by MST Golf could lead to reputational damage, regulatory compliance risk, operational inefficiencies and stakeholder dissatisfaction. It could also affect our business viability, especially if there is a shift in market demand for sustainable products and services. The absence of mitigation measures could result in supply chain disruptions, increased operational costs and worsening of climate change, impacting the golf industry. Thus, climate change drives our sustainability efforts, and we must prioritise it in our decision-making processes. To build climate resilience, we must adapt to climate change and collaborate with our stakeholders to reduce negative environmental impacts.

Key Strategies


Internal Climate Adaptation - commit to adapting to climate change by establishing sustainability governance, integrating sustainability into our operations and transforming our systems and processes to be climate-resilient.


Stakeholder Climate Involvement - to collaborate with stakeholders in their climate efforts to drive positive action and enhance awareness of climate-related issues..


Larger Environment Restoration - to implement initiatives to restore natural environments, support external organisations’ climate restoration efforts and integrate considerations for ecosystems when expanding our operations.

Initiative Highlights

Started transitioning to a low-carbon economy by building climate resilience among our people and operations
Heightened sustainability-related training for employees to enable them to stay current with environmental issues, especially climate change
Rolled out Sustainability, a company-wide climate change training to improve literacy
Reduced uncertainty on climate topics among employees through trainings
Incorporate trainings into orientation for all new employees to instil climate awareness
Conducted a pilot qualitative assessment across operations to identify climate and sustainability-related operational risks
Organised two beach clean-ups in Selangor in 2023

2023 Sustainability Statement: Better Environment

In The Pipeline

Risk and opportunity assessment on climate change

Set short-, mid-, and long-term climate change resiliency targets and plans 

Conduct more climate change resiliency training for staff

Host more sustainability campaigns and partnerships with stakeholders

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UN Sustainable Development Goals​