Climate Change Resiliency

Climate change resiliency refers to the Group’s readiness to adapt, withstand, and recover from the impacts of climate change and promoting climate awareness and preparedness among stakeholders.

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Why It Matters to Us

Climate change is no longer a faraway ‘global’ issue that we can ignore. We are already facing the brunt of climate change symptoms in Malaysia and the countries that we operate in, such as ever-frequent heatwaves and heavy downpours that caused unprecedented flooding. Our business viability ties directly with global climate health. As past business trends have indicated, severe weather affects the likelihood of people playing golf and, thus, affects our business as a golf equipment retailer. Poor climate health also threatens the stability of the global supply chain of golf products, raising costs and making golf more difficult for all. If and when the climate worsens, golf as a sport will not remain a priority over foundational agendas like food security, social stability, and ecological balance. We acknowledge the world’s changing climate as our driver to accelerate our sustainability transformation to avert disaster and help realise a better reality, especially for future generations. We must put the reality of climate change at the forefront of our decision-making. Our definition of being resilient about climate change is not about sitting by and withstanding the impact. It’s also about active transformation and uniting stakeholders for action and change.

Key Strategies


Commit to Global Standards - Abide with global science-based and humanistic climate change goals and standards.


Educate, Assess, & Inform - Learn about and communicate with stakeholders on climate change to build awareness, culture, and decision-making around climate change.


Integrate Sustainability in Business - Make sustainability central within every decision-making point to rethink, revolutionize, and balance our business approach to meet climate, environmental, and social needs. 

Initiative Highlights

Established Sustainability Policy
Established Environmental Policy
Established MST Golf Sustainability Committee
Started MST Golf Sustainability Newsletter for employees
Conducting sustainability training for employees
Beach clean-up and mangrove seed harvesting and planting with Malaysian Nature Society

In The Pipeline

Risk and opportunity assessment on climate change

Set short-, mid-, and long-term climate change resiliency targets and plans 

Conduct more climate change resiliency training for staff

Host more sustainability campaigns and partnerships with stakeholders

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UN Sustainable Development Goals​