Building Golf Industry

Building the golf industry involves the Group’s active role and participation to create economic, social, and environmental impact in the golf industry and widen the golf market. This includes measuring the Group’s impact towards the golf industry, such as supplying golf products, services, and infrastructure to consumers, creating job opportunities, attracting new golfers, developing golf talent, and creating a robust golf culture and community in the region.
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Why It Matters to Us

We are in the golf industry, so naturally, the sustainability of the golf industry will determine our long-term viability. Golf as a sport would not be feasible without a stable society and climate. Thus, beyond creating opportunities and value in golf via products, services, and playing opportunities, we also want to amplify sustainability through golf. Our aim is to create a vibrant golf community, culture, and infrastructure that can also be sustainable for people and the environment. We want to leverage the economic value of golf to create more social and environmental impact. 

Key Strategies


Improve Golf Shopping Experience - Continue to supply various golf products and services and improve the customer experience at our retail outlets.


Enhance Golf Opportunities - Continue to create job and playing opportunities, develop talent, and connect people and communities to the wonders of golf in the region.


Amplify Golf Sustainability - Work with brands, golf industry players, and local communities to strengthen sustainability efforts through golf.

Initiative Highlights

Opened MST Golf Arena outlets to promote indoor golf and allow more people to start golf. 
Co-organized the Toyota Tour, Malaysia’s premium golf tournament circuit, to increase activities for professional and amateur golfers in Malaysia.
Partnered with The Golf Lab to teach golf and fit clubs using state-of-the-art technology
Started Golf Matters news platform to amplify local golf news, stories, and tips.

In The Pipeline

Future outlet expansions to other states in Malaysia 

Regional outlet expansion to Indonesia

Organize more sustainability-oriented campaigns in golf or with golf industry players

Collaboration between The Golf Lab and Professional Golfers’ Association of Malaysia (PGAM) to develop top quality coaches through Golf Lab online certification and a 2-year internship programme at Golf Lab locations in Malaysia


UN Sustainable Development Goals​