MST Golf Extends Coaching Support to Special Olympics Malaysia in Joint Partnership

MST Golf Group hosts inaugural golf session for Special Olympics Malaysia athletes through MST Golf Academy in efforts of national talent development

Subang Jaya, 28 November 2023 – MST Golf Group reaffirms its commitment to fostering excellence in golf with a heartwarming collaboration with Special Olympics Malaysia. At the forefront of this collaboration, the team of well-rounded and highly skilled coaches from MST Golf Academy and The Golf Lab led the inaugural golf assessment. Held on 17 November 2023, the introductory golf session took place at the Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (KLGCC) driving range with 11 Special Olympics athletes.

Prior to hitting balls at the range, the athletes underwent meticulous screening tests, assessing elements such as balance, flexibility, coordination, strength, and stability. This comprehensive understanding of the athletes’ abilities allowed coaches to tailor their approach, ensuring an inclusive and effective teaching environment. The session marked a significant step in MST Golf Group’s commitment to the golfing community and aligns with its Sustainability pillar focusing on Better People aimed at Community Giveback and Uplifting, and Promoting Golf As A Sport.

Six dedicated volunteer coaches from MST Golf Academy and The Golf Lab led the athletes through the fundamentals of golf, imparting knowledge on proper grip and guiding them through basic swings. The coaches, committed to fostering an atmosphere of encouragement and affirmation, created a supportive space for the athletes to explore and attempt hitting golf balls for the first time. Present at the session, the parents and families of the athletes demonstrated unwavering love and support throughout.

“It was wonderful to see the curiosity and excitement from the athletes,” said Pro Aaron Ng, Manager of The Golf Lab & Teaching Professionals. “This introductory session allowed them to experience golf in a fun, stress-free manner. We look forward to conducting more such sessions to continue introducing the sport to Special Olympians.”

Special Olympics Malaysia National Director Jacque Kok said, “We are thankful to MST Golf for making this event possible. Our athletes were able to explore their potential in golf and may have unearthed some hidden talents! This collaboration aligns with our mission to provide opportunities for athletes to discover and develop their abilities.”

MST Golf has been a supporter of Special Olympics athletes, being one of the sponsors for 22 Malaysian athletes to compete at the 2023 Special Olympics World Games Berlin earlier in June this year. “We look forward to more partnerships that promote inclusivity and allow more individuals to experience the game of golf,” said Mr. Ng Yap, CEO of MST Golf Group.

The overwhelmingly positive response has spurred MST Golf and Special Olympics Malaysia to plan additional trial sessions in the coming months. The objective is to cultivate the athletes’ interest, offering further training to those eager to delve deeper into the world of golf. There is a potential pathway for these athletes to receive extended training and even compete in the 2027 Special Olympics World Games in Perth.