Crafting a Sustainable Future through EcoBricking

In our unwavering commitment to sustainability, MST Golf recently held an EcoBricks Talk & Workshop on 3rd November 2023 at MST Golf Plaza. The event was in conjunction with our November ‘Proper Waste Management through 7Rs’ internal campaign. More than creating awareness on the waste we produce daily, we got our employees to engage in a hands-on experience to build EcoBricks.

EcoBricking is a creative method for managing single-use plastic waste that involves compacting plastic bottles with clean, dry, and non-biodegradable plastic. ‘EcoBricks’ serve a dual purpose by reducing plastic waste and promoting eco-friendly practices, making it a sustainable practice that benefits the environment and contributes to the fight against climate change. EcoBricks result in sturdy materials, suitable for constructing various structures, from garden walls, benches, to other modular structures. 

MST Golf invited social enterprise impactLution to conduct a talk with the objective of raising awareness about responsible waste management. As part of our Learning and Development (L&D) program for employees, the EcoBricks Talk & Workshop was integrated into their learning hours. This reflects our dedication to fostering a culture of environmental consciousness and responsible citizenship among our team members.

Our commitment to sustainability extends far beyond a single event – it is a continuous journey. The EcoBricks Talk & Workshop was a resounding success, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship as part of our Care Green initiative to exercise proper waste management in our operations. We are proud to be part of a movement striving for positive change and are determined to lead by example within our organisation.

About impactLution

ImpactLution is a social enterprise dedicated to promoting positive environmental and social change through collaborative initiatives, educational programmes, and innovative projects focused on waste management and circular economy principles.