Beach Clean-up and Mangrove Seed Harvesting and Planting with Malaysian Nature Society

In collaboration with the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), MST Golf held a beach clean-up and mangrove seed harvesting and planting event for staff and their families at Bagan Lalang Beach, Sepang. The event objectives included cleaning up designated areas of the coastline, identifying and sorting different types of waste, investigating the causes of waste pollution, learning about seashore life, and improving waste management practices at the office.

The event aligns with the Group’s sustainability matters, such as building climate change resiliency, encouraging proper waste management, and giving back to our community.

During the four-hour event, the team of thirty-seven participants collected 86.7 kg of waste – 69.7 kg is non-recyclable, while 17 kg is recyclable. In addition, the team also learned about mangroves and their vital role in preserving the ecosystem and fighting climate change. The team successfully harvested and planted 148 mangrove seeds, contributing to reforestation efforts and the long-term preservation of the mangrove ecosystem along Malaysian coastlines.

The team also enjoyed a zero-waste lunch catering, where each participant brought their own food containers and cups. The move aimed to encourage sustainable living practices in day-to-day life and reduce single-use plastics during the event.

The event helped to promote environmental education and awareness among the staff and underscored the importance of collective efforts toward creating a sustainable future for all.

Team MST Golf would like to thank MNS for co-hosting such a meaningful initiative.

About Malaysian Nature Society:

Founded in 1940, Malaysian Nature Society is the oldest and one of Malaysia’s most prominent environmental NGOs focusing on habitat conservation through a wide range of environmental activities and campaigns.